Was born in Lviv in 1965.
Attended the S. Krushelnytska Specialized Music School in Lviv and the Lysenko Scepialized Music School in Kyiv.
Graduated from the Republican School of Art (Painting Department) and the State Applied and Decorative Art Institute in Lviv (Textile Art Department).
Works in the following media: graphic art, levkas, embroidery, paintings, painted Easted eggs, collage.
Her work has been exhibited in Ukraine, Russia, Germany, France and Poland (10 one-man exhibitions).
She has also participated in international symposiums.
Her work can be found in private collections in Ukraine, Germany, Great Britain, Finland, Belgium and the USA.
Is a member of the Ukrainian National Artists' Union since 1994.
MAIN Exhibitions:
2014 Conceptual project "Music that goes beyond the limit". Kyiv. Gallery "Art-14".
2013 Personal exhibition "Dedication" with Yaryna Sayenko. Chernihiv. Museum of modern art.
2013-2014 Fourth All-Ukrainian Triennial of Textile. Kyiv. Society of Artists.
2013 Exhibition "World quiet." Kyiv. Art Arsenal.
2012 Innovative Textile Ukraine. Modern Art Museum of Ukraine. Kyiv.
2012 "my angel, my bodyguard." National Museum of Ukrainian Art. Laura. Kyiv.
2012 "The Light". Ukrainian-Japanese exhibition. 12 Ukrainian and 12 Japanese artists. Tokyo.
2011 Exhibition section PDM. Gallery "The Artist." Kyiv.
2011 trajectory "Tex". Gallery "Art Space". Kyiv.
2011 All-Ukrainian Triennial of Textile. Kyiv. Artists' Union. Authors group performance "Magic ball".
2011 Center for Contemporary Art M17. The "Yin". Kyiv. "Magic ball" Authors group performance.
2010 "Angels Sophia." Kyiv. Sofia. Metropolitan housing.
2009-2010 Ukrainian-Japanese exhibition. 12 Ukrainian, 12 Japanese artists. Kherson Tokyo.
2008 Christmas National exhibition. Union of Ukraine.
2008 Christmas exhibition. Gallery "DAVINCI".
2008 Christmas exhibition. Gallery "Circle-Zaspa."
2007 All-Ukrainian triyenalye textiles. CX. Kyiv.
2007 A joint project "Rado" with Nelly Isupov. Gallery "White Lion." Kyiv.
2007 "Covers". Ukrainian House. Joint exhibition with Helen Pryduvalov.
2005 Ukrainian triyenalye textiles. CX. Kyiv.
2004 Christmas exhibition. Gallery "Circle". Kyiv.
2003 200 imen. Ukrainian House. Kyiv.
  Christmas exhibition. NUAU. Kyiv.
2002 International Textile Exhibition "Farbenat."
  "Photo Essay" Kyiv.
2001 Christmas exhibition. NUAU. Kyiv.
2000 Family Exhibition. Gallery "Colors." Kyiv. 1999 International Exhibition of mini-textiles. Lions.
1998 International exhibition of textile art. Lodz. Poland. 1997 National exhibition of painting on tkanyni. Khmelnitsky.
  solo exhibition. Vayninhen. Switzerland.
1996 International Symposium on textiles "Skifiya." Kherson.
1994 Ukrainian exhibition of painting on tkanyni. Khmelnitsky.
  Personal. Gallery "Honchari" Kyiv.
  Personal. Center for Contemporary Art "Brahma". Kyiv. 1991 Exhibition sednivskoyi creative team. Finlyandiya.
  Personal. Gallery Roman Shupera. Munich. 1990 Lviv tapestry. Lions.
1989 Republican exhibition of mini-textiles. Lions. 1988 Youth Exhibition. Kyiv.
1986 All-Union Exhibition of Youth. Moscow.